Chebo booth 2-place

Chebo booth 2-place

  • Model: Chebo booth 2-place
  • Modification: Кабина Chebo двухместная
  • Product Width: 1935 mm / 76.18 inc
  • Product Depth: 975 mm / 38.39 inc
  • Packaging details: -
  • Packaging size: -
  • Packing volume: -
  • Gross/Net weight: -

A booth for private conversations. It allows you to reduce significantly the overall noise in an Openspace office by isolating the sound in the booth.

  • Comfortable sitting area
  •  Place for negotiations
  • Ecological materials
  • Reduces noise, increases concentration.

The booth CHEBO – an ideal place for business meetings, confidential one-to-one conversations, brainstorming, interviews. You will not disturb the office and the noise of the office will not bother you.
Thanks to the compact size of booths, CHEBO can be perfectly combined with each other and with existing furniture. Suitable for use in most office spaces.


  • Co-working
  •  Negotiations
  •  Soundproofing
  • Design
  •  Efficiency


  • The booth is designed with high strength steel construction.
  • The walls are made of specially designed panels (Plywood + MDF) and soundproofing material.
  • Doors are made of 10mm thick strained glass.

Ventilation design:
The air supply to the booth comes from below. Carbon dioxide is extracted through a forced fan, which is located at the top of the booth.

LED lighting:

  •  The booth is equipped with LED lighting with a color temperature of 6500 kelvin and a luminous flux of 220 Lux.
    Clever electronics:
  • The booth automatically switches the ventilation system and light on and off.

The booth Chebo has space for two persons.

The size of the two-place booth is 1935x975x2400 mm