Booth Cabi 2-place felt orange white beige

Booth Cabi 2-place felt orange white beige

  • Model: Booth Cabi 2-place felt orange white beige
  • Modification: Кабина Cabi двойная
  • Product Width: 2790 mm / 109.84 inc
  • Product Depth: 1250 mm / 49.21 inc
  • Packaging details: -
  • Packaging size: -
  • Packing volume: -
  • Gross/Net weight: -

Workplace Cabi – the development of a modern office implies new trends in the organization of office space and human workspace. Office space is becoming more mobile, more diverse, divided into zones. Workplace Cabi, designed to solve the problems of zoning office space and create a comfortable, noise-insulated space for work and negotiations. The innovative Cabi system is applicable in virtually any workspace, perfectly complementing its functional and aesthetic qualities.
The main features of the Cabi workstation are its acoustic isolation, thanks to the design and use of noise-absorbing materials.
Cabi are produced in two versions – a workstation for one person and for two people. They can be equipped with a built-in socket with USB connector, according to your wishes.
Technical information:
Covering material: 3 mm felt (thickness) Available colours: light grey, green, orange.
As agreed with the customer, can be made in any color.
Overall dimensions of the product:
– Cabi single – 1445 mm.*1245 mm.*h1400 mm.
– Cabi double – 2785 mm.* 1245 mm.*h1400 mm.
Overall size of a table-top: 1200 mm.*800 mm.
Height from a floor to a table-top: 730 mm.
Filling: FPU,
Frame material: MDF (thickness 16 mm.) + metal brackets + metal edging + tabletop made of high quality plywood (thickness 18 mm.) + structural elements made of high quality plywood (thickness 22 mm.).
Optional functions: USB socket (available upon agreement with the customer)

Booth Cabi is double

This modification is designed to organize the work of two people.


– Thickness: 3 mm.
– 100% Polyester