Poof Shell

Poof Shell

  • Model: Poof Shell
  • Modification: Пуф Shell
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Collection Shell is a modular system of comfortable workstations, which allows you to create non-standard solutions for organizing the space of your office. This system allows you to organize a meeting area, a separate place to work behind a laptop or a recreation area, this system is applicable in virtually any workspace, perfectly complementing its functional and aesthetic qualities.

The main features of the Shell system are acoustic insulation and zone separation, thanks to the design and use of noise-absorbing materials.

It is often very noisy in a modern office – conversations on the phone, the sounds of a working coffee machine and office equipment, a lot of movement and fuss, in such a stop, it is difficult to find a quiet corner for work or negotiations. The Shell system allows you to create a comfortable and private space, even in the middle of a noisy office.

Sofa AMF Shell is a specially designed sofa for meeting areas, which will not only surprise your guests with its design, but also fascinate you with its capabilities. This model can absorb up to 20 decibels of sound. The sofa can be equipped with a built-in socket for 220 volts and two USB connectors, built-in lights, according to your desire, can be equipped with touch screen lighting. One sofa can quite provide the necessary devices in our dynamic time with the constant use of gadgets. A feature of the sofa system Shell from AMF is the acoustic insulation and zone separation.

The upholstery is made of a combination of different colours of felt, which has excellent noise insulation. Felt is a very plastic, tactilely pleasing, durable material that is perfect for meeting room equipment, co-working or rest areas. Noise isolation with the help of felt is done not only in houses, but also in cinemas, offices. Modern look and use of bright colors is a perfect solution for any interior.

With the help of Shell even in noisy offices you can create a secluded and comfortable place for negotiations or a little rest.

Sofas Shell can be equipped with a built-in socket with USB connector, as well as touch-screen backlighting, according to your desire.

Fabric material: 3 mm felt. (thickness) Available colours: light grey, green, orange.

As agreed with the customer, can be made in any fabric and color.

Filling: PPU,

Frame material: Wooden bar + CDF + Crush spring (in seat frame)

Armrests: soft armrest 110 mm wide.

Additional features: acoustic insulation, socket with USB connector, lighting.




– Thickness: 3 mm.

– 100% Polyester