Art Metal Furniture is an example of the successful manufacture of high-quality furniture. Its own production line is a team of highly qualified professionals focused on improving the quality of products and applying only new technologies and quality standards in their work. Manufacturing of high-quality and competitive products by AMF depends on the use of modern materials and optimization of the company’s management.

Production line automation

Reprofiling at production sites helps speed up product manufacturing, improves product quality, reduces labor intensity, systemizes all processes in different areas, and enables them to work qualitatively in a single unified base.

Innovation in the logistics system

Improving the quality of deliveries is one of the main tasks of the logistics department at AMF. That is why specialists of the department deal with high-quality processing of transport orders from sales departments every day, using the corporate information system in their work. This system allows them to track in real-time the movement of products from the warehouses and the timely loading of vehicles for shipment to customers.

Computerization and IT technologies

All sites in production work smoothly thanks to an adjusted system of monitoring and control over technical processes, which allows to control all stages of production, develop further planning, carry out modernization of machines, and increase the scale of company production.

Use of innovative materials

AMF company uses only high-quality materials in production, which have unique characteristics and properties that allow the goods to create competition among global furniture manufacturers.

Laser technologies

Company AMF uses a laser machine of the new generation to cut metal pipes of any shape, making a product much better and faster than with a universal machine. The laser system improves the quality of products and allows complex parts and cuts, thereby ensuring the economical execution of orders.